14 June 2008

Summer is here

Our next event will be on 26 June at the new MASTERKLASS facilities in Kyiv.
Presentations wil be given by two insurance companies on the liabilities of directors in Ukraine.

Plus we are also planning our July event which will be VERY SPECIAL, we are bringing together all those people who have ben waiting a long time to play golf in Ukraine, but we are not ready to offer the golf course just yet, but construction is underway and we want to present the project to as many people as we can.

We have decided to offer more services through the BBCU, since the arrival of Tony Wood who has a reputation as a banking consultant. Banking is a significant growth sector in Ukraine and needs alot of help as the sector develops. So, we are launching a Banking Forum to help senior banking professionals discuss the issues that need to be addressed in Ukraine and feedback in very positive.

Plus we are offering a new series of training courses to banks in a whole range of subjects designed to help retain and motivate staff.

Finally today is another special day in Kyiv as Sir Paul McCartney performs live in Kyiv later today to an expected record crowd in Independence Square.

So, summer is here and the next few months are going to be exciting.

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