31 August 2008

Summer Ends- Hello September

Well, what an interesting August. Like many people I spent a lot of time watching the events in Georgia via TV. The 24 August Independence Day celebrations here in Kyiv were unusual as we saw a display of Ukrainains miltary machines along the main streets.

There is much talk about how the EU will deal with the "Georgian crisis" and how they will react to Russia. Tomorrow, 1 Sept, a special EU Summit will be held to discuss this.

Many people now think its right o consider offering Ukraine speedy EU membership, as fears grow about possible conflicts between Russia and Ukraine.

Personally, I think EU membership can only benefit Ukraine, however I still think it is a long shot and it will be many years before Ukraine would join the EU. But who knows? Life is full of suprises. It would certainly help to do business easier in Ukraine if it ever does happen.

03 August 2008

Onwards to September

Just as I thought. We asked many members about the next meeting and most people will be away on holiday during August. So our next meeting will be on 25 Sept - Theme - Real Estate in Ukraine.

One of the good things about living in Kyiv is that for the month of August the city is light on traffic as many people have gone away for the whole month.

Talking of holidays. I will be back in the UK from 5-18 August, so will try to enjoy the summer also.