15 September 2011

Soviet Union Mentality in Ukraine

Is it just me, but when I read statements like this from the President of Ukraine, I fail to understand why a government is getting involved in areas that belong to the private sector.

The president said that Kyiv, Khmelnytsky region and Sevastopol had not bought enough grain.

"You're creating the threat of unjustifiable rises in bread prices through your inactivity. I warn you that you'll be held personally responsible for having such an approach to your work," he said.
WHY is the President of a country that claims to wish to join the EU using this kind of language.
Moreover, WHY is a government even involved in this area of grain production and storage etc.

Perhaps the old soviet mentality from President Kanukovych and his Prime Minister Azarov is so far out of date, they just fail to realise that only former soviet countries are still interfering in the private sector. do they really think that the leaders of 'western countries' get involved in these kinds of issues.?

Look at the language used by Kanukovych. This is the language of yester year.
Ukraine still has a very long way to go before it is recognised as a potential EU candidate.


12 September 2011

The Best Diplomatic Service in the World

British Foreign Secretary William Hague has outlined his vision of the future of the Foreign Office in a speech in London on 8 September.

See: http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/news/latest-news/?view=Speech&id=652930982

08 September 2011

EU Referendum

If you conducted a poll amongst the population of Ukraine and asked them if they wanted to join the European Union - YES or NO. I'm sure the vast majority would be saying YES as they would consider membership of the EU to be beneficial to the country and hopefully bring much needed social, economic and political changes to Ukraine.

However, another country in the west of Europe which claims to be a 'true democracy' could perhaps be the first country to decide to leave the EU. Step forward the United Kingdom.

Many British people are seriously starting to think it would be a good idea to clear the air within UK politics and have a referendum on it's continued membership of the EU. Those regular readers of the Daily Mail will know all to well the mood expressed by its readership. However, I'm sure it goes further than Daily Mail readers.

The UK government came up with the bright idea of 'e-petitions'. This is where people can create/suggest an issue that needs to be debated and voted on within the UK House of Commons, provided a minimum of 100,000 of the electorate sign up. Paper based systems are equally considered. So this is exactly what has happened.

Now we hear rumours that maybe the House of Commons does not have enough time to discuss these issues!!! Well, that's certainly one way to upset the great British public.

The issue will now start to develop more steam since a delegation of MP's and MEP's are due to deliver sack fulls of signature to the British Prime Minister - David Cameron.
See: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23984793-cameron-urged-to-call-eu-referendum.do

A large number of the British public are already very negative towards the EU and see it as an organisation that is out of touch with British customs and culture. The British have never liked the European methods of measurement etc. Moreover, they see EU laws being introduced that sometimes conflict with British laws. Within the European Parliament, a British political party, UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) openly campaigns for the UK to withdraw its membership of the EU.

Maybe the British government are afraid to offer the British people a referendum on the EU?
But what is democracy all about? The British people should be allowed to decide.

07 September 2011

Ukraine - Some questions to consider

Ukraine. The big questions are:
1. Is this a country where you want to live?
2. Is this a country where you want your children to live?
3. Would you invest money in this country?

05 September 2011

British Club - Golf Days in Ukraine

British Club - Golf Days

Due to popular demand and the positive feedback from last Saturday the
BBCU is pleased to say that we have extended our annual golf tournament
from 2 to 3 days.

BBCU golf tournament Saturday 3rd,10th and 17th September 2011

The BBCU annual golf tournament will now be held over 3 days this year.
Guests can choose their preferred day and subject to availability both remaining days if they so desire. Players may enter their best scorecard, trophies and prizes will be awarded to the winners on Saturday 17th September.

Academy course trophy 6 hole.
No handicap. Ideal for Families.

Stapleford trophy 9 hole.
Max handicap ladies 36 gentlemen 28.

Texas scramble 9 hole. No handicap
2/3 or 4 players per team

Price: 18 Holes Main course - 45 Euros each day
Two 9 hole competition entries of your choice.

Academy Course + A beginners lesson - 25 Euros each day
Lessons with Alex Iguchi PGA the club professional.

The event will once again be held at Royal Kyiv Golf Club and this year we are pleased
to say that the clubhouse has been completed. We can now offer a fully stocked
restaurant good public conveniences and Ladies and Gents changing room with showers.

Non-players are invited to visit the club and restaurant.
Subject to availability you can hit some golf balls for FREE.

To book now or discuss this event please contact :

Bill Bennett email bepebe21@hotmail.com Tel +38067 613 68 91
Dina Melnyk email administrator@bbcu.com.ua Tel +38044 235 72 23