31 January 2009

January - Off to a great start

The BBCU had its first monthly meeting on 30 January and we had a very good turnout from members and guests. It was a good opportunity to find out what is going on in the local business community. Our speakers were: Terry Pickard (Current situation in the property market),
Richard Brady (The rule of law in Ukraine , update on the project), Stuart McKenzie (Burns night event), Clive Hunter-Dunne (economic crisis), Peter Burningham (Some positives on the current situation), Tony Wood (Whats happening in Banks).

We will be moving to our new office on 2 February and will make sure we inform all our members, clients and friends about our new contact details.

The BBCU web site will be re-designed and we will have a new look thanks to the work of our new members " Bold Endeavours". I can certainly recommend this company. Visit to their web site: www.boldendeavours.com

15 January 2009

BBCU Plans for 2009

2009 will be a very interesting year in Ukraine.
We have already kicked off with the usual dispute over gas supplies with the Russian Federation.
Towards the end of the year we will see political campaigns developing for the Presidential Elections in January 2010.

The economic situation will be challenging this year for all businesses in Ukraine.
Perhaps the first quarter will be a trying time for survival of the strongest.

During 2009 the BBCU will grow into a stronger business organisation. We have structured the BBCU into three parts: BBCU Business Club, BBCU Business Centre, and BBCU Teaching and Training Centre. We have already developed a strong reputation in our teaching and training courses and we have many clients throughout the Kyiv business community.

We intend to continue increasing our Business Club membership and our monthly meetings will see a high turnout from the business community. We are encouraged by the feedback from our members that they actually 'enjoy' our meetings and find them interesting, entertaining and a place to meet really interesting people.

We will get the web site update soon and promote the full range of services we offer.
We are also preparing to move office to the heart of the city centre.

This is going to be a GREAT year in Ukraine.