28 July 2012

London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony

Well…..what a truly great opening ceremony we witnessed last night at the London Olympics 2012.

The British Club celebrated the event at the Bacchus Restaurant and Wine Bar in Kyiv where we watched the event on the big screen. A bit of a surprise when we realised that BBC World was not showing the ceremony but just news reporting. It took us a few minutes to find the right channel but we did it and all was OK. (Unfortunately about four or five people ‘threw the dummy out of the pram’ while we were searching for the best channel and departed…..but that’s life).

Maybe the biggest surprise for everyone around the world was Her Majesty The Queen when she was seen to be taking part in the humour of the event from the beginning alongside actor Daniel Craig (aka 007 James Bond). Internationally recognised faces like Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean), Paul McCartney, David Beckham and many many others.  

The opening ceremony proved to be a truly great British event.  We can all look forward to a few weeks of entertaining sport which will no doubt contain some surprises and yet more breaking of records.

19 July 2012

Kyiv, Ukraine - Early Holidays?

During the recent Euro 2012 Football Championships in Ukraine, it was so easy to drive in and out of Kyiv city centre. Many local people took the opportunity to escape from the crowds and decided to visit their country houses/dachas and many went further on overseas holidays.
Since the end of Euro 2012 Kyiv city centre remains somewhat empty. It is so EASY to drive around the city these days at any time of the day.
Holidays have come early this year. We usually see a deserted city centre during the month of August each year. But maybe Euro 2012 put people in a very early holiday mood.
The majority of business people are already into the holiday mood which is easily identified through the complete lack of wanting to make any decisions. ''Let's wait until September'', is the normal phrase you will hear these days.
However, maybe we will witness an ever longer holiday mindset this year due to the pending Ukraine Parliament elections due on 28th October 2012. I'm sure people will use this event as yet another reason to delay any major decisions until they can see what will happen on the political front.

So my friends.......enjoy the very long summer.

11 July 2012

The Great London Olympics Party in Kyiv

      The Great London Olympics Party
       Kyiv, Ukraine, 27 July 2012 at 8pm
        Join the celebration at the opening ceremony
        of the 2012 London Olympics here in Kyiv, Ukraine.
           Watch the Opening Ceremony live on TV via BBC World News
            2100 GMT (2300 Kyiv time) on the BIG SCREEN

            Come and celebrate with the British Club.
            We hope to bring together most of the British community in Kyiv
            and guests.

           Venue: Bacchus Restaurant & Wine Bar (
see map)
           Date: Friday 27 July 2012
           Time: 8pm - Ceremony starts at 11pm

           Registration: administrator@bbcu.com.ua
            Tel: +38067 320 1584

We look forward to seeing you there