11 April 2009

Ukraine Property Market

Yesterday, I gave a short presentation at the Ukraine Real Estate Club meeting in Kyiv.
I was asked to talk about the attractiveness of the Ukraine market for foreign investors and also the problems they face.

The main attractiveness of Ukraine right now (mostly Kyiv) is that investors can purchase an income producing asset at a greatly reduced price!!!!
However, the large investment groups are staying away from Ukraine and it will be a LONG time before they return. The people we are meeting now are opportunists (and why not) who are looking to see what they can pick up in a market that is getting hungry for business.

I think the prices from the boom years will NOT return in Kyiv and we are going to see more realistic property prices.

The next BBCU meeting in Kyiv will also look at the current situation in the property market and it will be a round table event.

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