16 January 2010

Forward into 2010

Well, the BBCU Christmas party on 17 December at Nirvana Indian Restaurant in Kyiv was a great party. Good food, good wine, entertainment including dancers, a magician and a suprise performance from local band Gorchitska helped the evening along. We also raised UAH 4000 for our childrens charity as a result of the raffle.

Next morning I was off to the UK. Since my spell in hospital, I have still not touched any alcoholic drinks and actually feel much healthier. Maybe I will stay on this 'healthy living' regime as long as I can.

At Kyiv Borispol airport, the flight was delayed for one hour, as it was reported that 'severe weather' conditions were causing a problem at our destination airport - Gatwick, UK!!!!!!.
The severe weather turns out to be -1 degrees after some snow had fallen across most of England the previous night. As usual UK airports and the rest of the country were unprepared for 'Siberian weather conditions'. It never ceases to amaze me and many other expats, how the UK comes to a halt when faced with a little bit of snow and weather which in Kyiv would be considered a 'heat wave' in winter.

Taking off from Kyiv it was 'only' -15 degrees and the airport was operating as normal.
Arrived at Gatwick. Between Gatwick, London and North Notinghamshire, I could not help but think how England really does feel 'crowded'.
My daughters met me at the train station. My eldest daughter, Jade is now a proud car owner and driver (although still a student). Couldn't help but think, that one minute you are holding them in your arms as a baby and then a short time later they're driving you around in their own car. Yes, I am getting old.

Caught up on the few things I miss about not living in the UK. Good newspapers, cheddar cheese and a full English breakfasts.

Then off on holiday. Need to recover from the pneumonia.

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