18 April 2010

Maybe business is starting to recover in Ukraine

We will have our next BBCU meeting on 28th April at the Inter Continental Hotel in Kyiv. The theme will be about banking and getting back to business.
During the past few weeks, I have detected a more positive atmosphere in the business community in Kyiv. Maybe the good weather has something to do with it, but I'm getting reports that companies are recruiting new staff again. Even law firms are starting to take people on again. It would appear that many people are content with the state of stability which has been created with the new president and new government.

I still get invited to lunch or dinner just about everyday by someone in Kyiv, but this year I have decided take a more controlled approach to my time management.
FOCUS is my key aim right now to just concentrate on doing the things which I think will be worth my time and energy. Previously I had always kept about six balls in the air at the same time, well now its just two balls maximum. I am working on a few new projects right now and will shortly be announcing some new ventures.

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