30 June 2010

Derek Mansfield - British Adventurer

Not many British Business Club members arrive in Kyiv having ridden by motorbike all the way from England. Arriving in Kyiv city centre yesterday, Derek Mansfield – President of Bold Endeavours a company that specialises in Internet Marketing, was already attracting on lookers in Kreshatik Street. Within a few seconds of stopping at the road side, I heard one woman say to him “Can I have my photograph taken with you?”.
She has no idea who he is, but he looked famous/important/unusal and he was riding a big motorbike with British registration, so Derek was happy to oblige. Within a few minutes many people are looking on. Why not? It’s not every week a British man decides to hop on his motorbike and ride 1300 miles across Europe to visit one of his businesses and see his friends. He also has a story to tell about how he has over 25 years of driving/riding experience and has never had a problem with the police for speeding, but after crossing Germany, Austria, Slovakia without any problems he then enters UKRAINE. Within a few hours those gentlemen from the Ukraine Department of Automobile Inspection have taken a keen interest in Derek Mansfield and his big motorcycle on at least three occasions. Welcome to Ukraine Derek and well done for showing some British spirit of adventure, a real bold endeavour.

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simon said...

As a biker myself I would have loved to have done this trip - well done Derek - how about making it over to Kharkov ? - its only another 6 hours ride !!