08 December 2010

Only 3 Weeks to go

Yes, just three more weeks and its the year end. In Ukraine most companies use the calendar year end as the financial year end. Its a good time for sorting out the accounts and making sure people get paid. I hope some of our BBCU Members will remember this!

The year 2010 has been interesting for Ukraine. New President, new government, tax code protests. Here is a quick review of the year.

January/February – Presidential elections took place and Victor Yanakovyich was elected the 4th President of Ukraine. Very little business happened as most people claimed they were waiting for the result.
March – VAT refund problems continued. BBCU held a meeting ‘Ukraine under a new President and new government’.
April – BBCU meeting ‘Getting back to Business’
May - New government elected in the UK. Annual ‘Ukraine Investment Summit in London. BBCU meeting ‘Doing Business in Ukraine’
June – Ukraine government announces procedures for VAT Bonds. UK government announces major cut backs in its budget. BBCU meeting ‘Annual Golf Day’.
July – British Prime Minister talks tough to Ambassadors: quote
"I want you to ask yourself every day: 'What am I doing to promote British business?' If you want to keep Britain's great ambassadorial residences, then I want you to show me that every day you are using them relentlessly to open new trade links and to generate new business for Britain."
BBCU held a social event at the ‘Peter Lik Art Gallery’
August – Very hot summer in Ukraine and many people escaped somewhere for a holiday. September – Ukraine government announces visa free travel to Hong Kong (lets hope its good for business). BBCU held a joint meeting with the British Ukrainian Society ‘The world today seen from London and Kyiv’
October – BBCU meeting ‘Property Market in Ukraine. Ukraine government announces intention to sell Ukrtelecom by tender before end of 2010. Telenor announces plan to close its office in Ukraine. BBCU meeting ‘UK Immigration Law and Visas’
November – ‘Doing Business 2011’ (World Bank Report) shows Ukraine at 145th place from 183 countries. EU-Ukraine Summit held and Ukraine is given a ‘road map’ from the EU.
Protests across Ukraine over the new ‘Tax Code’. BBCU meeting ‘Celebrating the British Community in Ukraine’
December – Ukraine President vetoes the new tax code and instructs the government to review it and work with business representatives and unions, but a few days later the quickly revised proposed law is voted through in record speed. They just didn't read anything.

BBCU will hold its Christmas party on 23 December 2010

Hope you all enjoy the build up to the festive season.

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