01 March 2011

Ukraine with SUN

People keep asking me what it’s like living in Sri Lanka for the winter
My usual answer is: “It’s like Ukraine…. only with sun”
Recently I have been thinking about the similarities between Sri Lanka and Ukraine.
I asked myself the following questions.
---------------------------------------------------------- Sri Lanka--Ukraine
Driving – Do people drive like maniacs.---------------Yes-------Yes
Is corruption widespread across the country.---------Yes-------Yes
Are organisations steeped in bureaucracy.------------Yes--------Yes
Is the service in restaurants, very slow/bad.----------Yes-------Yes
Do shop keepers tell you they have no change.--------Yes--------Yes
Is it a cash economy –with a ‘grey’ sector.-------------Yes-------Yes
Do the people smile a lot and look happy.--------------Yes--------NO
Are foreign visitors/tourists made to feel welcome.----Yes--------NO
Is the GDP per capita about $2500.-------------------Yes-------Yes
Do many people speak English.------------------------Yes--------NO
Can you get daily newspapers in English language.-----Yes--------NO
Do people throw rubbish everywhere, assuming that------------------.
someone else will pick it up later.----------------------Yes--------Yes
Do people blame the government for all problems.-----Yes--------Yes
Is the average temperature 28-32c all year round.----Yes--------NO
Does it ever snow.-------------------------------------NO--------Yes
Can a foreigner buy land without any problems.-------Yes--------NO
Does the food taste good.------------------------------Yes--------Yes
Do I want to live here all the time.--------------------- ? ---------NO

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