08 April 2011

Ukraine. Never a Dull moment

One thing about Ukraine, is that there is always something controversial going on. Its never a boring country. Both a former President and Prime Minister charged and due to appear in court one day.
Ministers dismissed, one of the biggest grain traders taking the government to court ..it goes on.
Plus now we have a potential 'tug-of-war' between the EU and Russia with Ukraine in the middle.

Russian Prime Minister Putin will visit Ukraine next Tuesday (12 April) and its expected he will offer a range of 'goodies' to try and persuade Ukraine to join the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. One of those goodies will be a significant reduction in the price of Russian gas.

The EU would prefer Ukraine to enter into a Free Trade Agreement. Perhaps leading to associate membership status and who knows...membership of the EU one day.

Next week will be even more interesting in Ukraine as the President, Prime Minister and Cabinet will be considering the best 'offers' they have.
Its a shame it like this really. Ukraine should be demonstrating that it already knows exactly what is best for the people of Ukraine. Perhaps the President has already decided but has not got the message across to the people yet..or has he decided?

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