15 September 2011

Soviet Union Mentality in Ukraine

Is it just me, but when I read statements like this from the President of Ukraine, I fail to understand why a government is getting involved in areas that belong to the private sector.

The president said that Kyiv, Khmelnytsky region and Sevastopol had not bought enough grain.

"You're creating the threat of unjustifiable rises in bread prices through your inactivity. I warn you that you'll be held personally responsible for having such an approach to your work," he said.
WHY is the President of a country that claims to wish to join the EU using this kind of language.
Moreover, WHY is a government even involved in this area of grain production and storage etc.

Perhaps the old soviet mentality from President Kanukovych and his Prime Minister Azarov is so far out of date, they just fail to realise that only former soviet countries are still interfering in the private sector. do they really think that the leaders of 'western countries' get involved in these kinds of issues.?

Look at the language used by Kanukovych. This is the language of yester year.
Ukraine still has a very long way to go before it is recognised as a potential EU candidate.


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