15 October 2011

Ukraine - A step too far.

Much has been written, many announcements made. News items, web blogs, emails, Lord only knows how much time has been taken this week to communicate various messages to the President of Ukraine.

The conviction this week of Yulia Tymoshenko (former Prime Minister) to 7 years in prison will be recorded as a major stepping stone for the country of Ukraine.

Also this week, three EU countries Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland openly declared they would oppose any efforts by Ukraine towards European Union integration. Therefore they would oppose the signing of the proposed Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement and Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

Therefore, we can assume that the prospects for Ukraine forging any closer links with the EU can be considered a 'Step Too Far'. It would appear that Ukraine will never make any agreements with the EU. Maybe its time to draw a line in the sand with Ukraine.

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