18 November 2012

Jaguar and Land Rover to be built in CHINA from 2014

Who would have thought it? Who would have thought that one day classic icon brands like Jaguar and Land Rover would be manufactured in CHINA.
This week news hit the UK that the owners of JLR (Jaguar Land Rover), TATA an Indian owned group have formed an agreement with the Chinese car manufacturer Chery to start making Jags and Landy's in China from 2014.
As many people have declared that just about everything will soon be made in China, perhaps they never expected this to include brands like Land Rover. British people are already forecasting a complete end to any manufacturing or assembly of these famous brands in the UK.

The success of Jaguar and Land Rover has for many years been due to the image of these cars being built to a high quality by British firms in the UK. Both brands have enjoyed an increase in sales recently.
China has now overtaken the US has the largest car market in the world, so maybe the move by TATA group is logical. Oh...by the way let's not forget the cheaper labour and manufacturing costs in China.
JLR company profits can only increase.

See the story here in the Daily Mail: Land Rover Story

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