07 January 2013

Happy New Year & Happy Christmas in Ukraine

The long silence as been due to my winter exit from Ukraine to the warmer shores of Sri Lanka.
Today is Christmas Day (Orthodox) 7th January and many of us celebrate this day also.
I'm beginning to think that so many of my friends and Ukrainians decided to so the same this year and come to Sri Lanka to escape the winter. My Sri Lanka 'escape town' of Hikkaduwa has been invaded this year with Russians and Ukrainians on holiday.
Slavonic people are demanding customers these days and its obvious that the Sri Lankans are not used to dealing with people who complain about the food and service.
About time too I think as Sri Lankans have had an easy time of looking after the quieter Western Europeans (British, Germans, etc) who do not complain so much.

My message to Ukrainian tourists is.....keep up the good work. Things only change when people complain and/or take action.

Just a pity Ukrainians could not bring about some more important changes back in Ukraine.

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