03 August 2013

Stay Calm - Leave Ukraine - Often

One of the great benefits of holding an EU/British passport is that we British expats can leave Ukraine whenever we like and return whenever we like (provided we have the correct residents permits). Sometimes we visit the UK and sometimes other countries.

Although Kyiv Ukraine provides a constant stimulus of interests in many ways, the act of leaving the country is therapeutic.  In fact I am now an advocate for encouraging my fellow expats to ‘escape’ at least four times per year. Many of my Ukrainian friends have discovered the benefits of a Schengen visa allowing them to visit many EU countries. On returning to Ukraine they all feel a sense of being ‘recharged’.

Although many foreign businesses and investors are leaving Ukraine there are still many opportunities here. But……the current social and business environment in the country would make anyone want to leave and maybe not return.

I still believe that many business opportunities in Ukraine can be realised. The country still operates on a low cost base. The IT industry in Ukraine has proved to be one of the best ‘nearshoring’ successes in Europe and I’m sure there are many other sectors that will prove successful in providing professional services.

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