19 September 2013

Work Permits, Temporary Residents Permits and Permanent Residence in Ukraine

The BBCU has been very busy recently helping people from many countries to obtain work permits and residents permits in Ukraine.
Foreigners from over 62 countries can enter Ukraine without a visa and stay for 90 days.
However some 'visitors' find themselves overstaying the 90 days and find themselves in breach of Ukrainian Law. It annoys me slightly that many foreign people think they can get away with staying in Ukraine illegally.
If a Ukrainian citizen visited the UK or another EU country or the USA they would find themselves in big trouble if they overstayed their visa or in fact started working in one of those countries without the correct legal documents like a work permit.
I'm sure that there are still many 'western foreigners' who are living and working here illegally.
We can help these people become legal. Moreover, I feel that many of these people have the best intentions of wanting to work as an English Teacher or set up their own businesses here in Ukraine.

Perhaps another reason for people avoiding the legal route is that the process of making a work permit and residents permit application is still a little bit tricky in Ukraine.  Even if you have all the correct documents we all know that Ukrainian civil servants have a habit of creating difficulties. This is where the BBCU can help and take away the worries of the application process.

Naturally we don't do this for free. We are a business and therefore charge a service fee for our work. But we do provide a guaranteed service. What we say is what we do.

I want to encourage more foreigners living and working in Ukraine to contact us and find out how we can help them. Anyone can contact me directly for further advice: gerald.bowers@bbcu.com.ua
or contact our office - Tel: +38067 320 1584 - administrator@bbcu.com.ua

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