14 July 2014

The British have invaded The Netherlands - So what?

A few months ago President Putin ordered the invasion of Crimea.
Crimea is part of Ukraine. Putin now claims that Crimea is a part of the Russian Federation.
Russians continue to invade eastern Ukraine and kill Ukrainians on an almost daily basis.

Despite the on going weak threats from western leaders about sanctions against Russia, nothing
appears to deter Putin from doing exactly what he wants. Ukrainian people still fear that Russia
will invade the whole of Ukraine.

Yesterday Putin attended the world cup final in Brazil. He was greeted by fellow criminal
Mr Sepp Blatter, President of FIFA and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
The world cup will take place in Russia in 2018......maybe.

A few days ago Angela Merkel announced that Germany had deported a US Intelligence operative
from Berlin after it was alleged the 'spy' had been monitoring German activities.
Moreover, Putin continues to demand peace in Ukraine and will do ''all he can to help in the
peace process.''

Also yesterday Russian tanks and other military vehicles and soldiers entered eastern Ukraine.
No doubt Putin will quickly deny that they are Russians.

So......I wonder. Let's say that the British had invaded The Netherlands a few months back.
The British government had then declared that The Netherlands were now part of the United Kingdom.
The British army special services were continuing to kill Dutch people on a daily basis.
David Cameron declared that ''They are not British soldiers but Dutch activists responsible for this.''

Would David Cameron have got the same welcome in Brazil?

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