25 October 2014

Ukraine Elections - 26th October 2014

On Sunday 26th October 2014, Ukrainians will have another opportunity to vote and choose which political parties will be responsible for the management of the country. Although Ukraine still maintains an unusual system of elections via a ‘party list’ system mixed with other systems, it is an opportunity for the people to choose the future direction of Ukraine.

The majority of the population have already decided that they wish to see a free and democratic country develop along a ‘Western European’ system.

Ukraine will need another 5-10 years to rebuild its economy and develop a system of governance and for its politicians to demonstrate that they can put people first and eventually cast off the old methods of soviet era bureaucracy, systemic corruption and the stigma of selfish greed among the so called elite.

The time has arrived for fresh, young albeit inexperienced people to start making decisions that will benefit the population as a whole.  Let’s all hope that we will see many new faces appearing in the Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) next week.

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