21 November 2014

Ukraine - One year on (21st November)

Today it is one year since the start of the events that led to the 'Revolution' in Ukraine.

Who would have thought that it would lead to the country being at war with Russia?

The economy is weaker than ever. It will be very difficult to attract genuine foreign investors to Ukraine.

Is the country set on a course of surviving from hands outs from the EU, IMF and others?

Andrey Kurkov on the BBC web site says:

It is unclear how the current chapter of Ukrainian history will end. I remain optimistic in spite of the pain I feel remembering those who died in the battle for a new Ukraine and those who are still dying and risking their lives on the Donbas frontline.
I do believe Ukraine will withstand it all and will maintain her independence and that the Ukrainian people will hold on to their desire to live in a civilised state cleared of a corrupt elite and corrupt judiciary.
But without the European Union's help, Ukraine will not be able to achieve this. Not because the Ukrainians lack determination, but because beside Ukraine stands a Russia which needs Ukraine to remain as it was under Yanukovych and other presidents - weak, passive and corrupt.
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