09 May 2015

FREE Entry for British Citizens and Their families to the UK

British citizens are fleeing Ukraine due to the severe economic situation as a result of the war. Many British citizens are married to Ukraine citizens and have children born in Ukraine. Under EU law, British citizens and their non-EU spouse/family can live anywhere within the EU, except their country of citizenship/origin. Therefore they are denied entry to the United Kingdom. These British citizens and their families are now living in EU countries and trying to make a new life after leaving behind their homes and businesses in Ukraine. Some British citizens and their families are still stranded in Ukraine.
These families are refugees and cannot seek any help from the British Embassy in Ukraine. Under UK laws, a British citizen who intends to bring their non-EU spouse/family to the UK must prove to be in employment or have a business with a minimum income of GBP 18,6000 per annum and much more in the case of a family. In order to obtain a spouse visa, the British citizen must first show they are 'settled' in the UK before they can make an application for their spouse/family to join them.
Many of these British citizens have been living in Ukraine for many years prior to the war and simply wish to enter the UK with their spouse and family to start a new life.
Trying to obtain a simple tourist visa for their spouse to enter the UK is also difficult. The application process is not easy and always involves the payment of a fee which is non-refundable if the application is refused.
These British citizens and their families need help.
See: https://www.facebook.com/britishcitizensandtheirfamilies

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