26 December 2008

Christmas Party & Year End 2008

We held our Christmas party at the Radisson SAS Hotel in Kyiv on 23 December and we had another record turnout. We had 87 on the list, but many turned up on the night (we never turn our friends away). It was another great success and everyone enjoyed the night even breaking into song together. It was a great way to celebrate the year end and help everyone to start relaxing for the hoidays.

As we draw to a close for 2008, I would like to thank many of the people who make things happen at the BBCU. My thanks go to - Richard Brady, who always keeps things going and ensures that members and guests get to know each other. Moreover, Richard has great public speaking skills and has become very popular among our members. My thanks to PeterFlanaghan, who makes sure we stay on track for our "Britishness". Thanks to Tony Wood for his ideas and thinking on his feet at all times and his positive attitude. Thanks to Tanya Voropai for organising all the admin and making sure things get done on time.
A big thanks to my wife Alina for putting up with me and helping me to do things better all the time. Alina is just amazing.

Looking forward to 2009, we will be drawing up a list of our activities very soon for the new year. Ukraine will be facing tough times in 2009 and the business environment is going to see many changes.

Finally, I would like to thank all our members who have supported the development of the BBCU this year and by working together I hope we can all survive the tough challenges ahead.

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