15 January 2009

BBCU Plans for 2009

2009 will be a very interesting year in Ukraine.
We have already kicked off with the usual dispute over gas supplies with the Russian Federation.
Towards the end of the year we will see political campaigns developing for the Presidential Elections in January 2010.

The economic situation will be challenging this year for all businesses in Ukraine.
Perhaps the first quarter will be a trying time for survival of the strongest.

During 2009 the BBCU will grow into a stronger business organisation. We have structured the BBCU into three parts: BBCU Business Club, BBCU Business Centre, and BBCU Teaching and Training Centre. We have already developed a strong reputation in our teaching and training courses and we have many clients throughout the Kyiv business community.

We intend to continue increasing our Business Club membership and our monthly meetings will see a high turnout from the business community. We are encouraged by the feedback from our members that they actually 'enjoy' our meetings and find them interesting, entertaining and a place to meet really interesting people.

We will get the web site update soon and promote the full range of services we offer.
We are also preparing to move office to the heart of the city centre.

This is going to be a GREAT year in Ukraine.


Anonymous said...

Great plans, Gerald!
I've got a question: are you staying on Basseina str.?


Gerald Bowers said...


Our new office will be:

9B, Bogdan Khmelnytskiy Street, office 37 (ground floor), Kyiv

8 044 235 80 65
8 044 235 69 41


Anonymous said...

Thank's a lot, Gerald! Good news for me - 5 minutes walk from home:)

Bold said...

That times will get tougher goes without saying - but I do deplore the way a lot of business leaders try to outdo themselves in doom and gloom predictions. Good to read your very positive message Gerald.

Given our business interests we find our inquiry levels are very high - mainly biased toward saving money through better IT deployment and lower cost online marketing.

We note that consumers are becoming even more rigorous in online search and reviews before making purchases.

It will mean, I'm sure, that most companies will be even more focused and become much leaner and fitter in the coming months.

It would seem that some landlords have not learned this lesson yet. I noted your move Gerald - we did the same thing and reduced rent by more than 50%. And we pay in Hryvna. :)

Look forward to seeing you at next BBCU meeting