31 January 2009

January - Off to a great start

The BBCU had its first monthly meeting on 30 January and we had a very good turnout from members and guests. It was a good opportunity to find out what is going on in the local business community. Our speakers were: Terry Pickard (Current situation in the property market),
Richard Brady (The rule of law in Ukraine , update on the project), Stuart McKenzie (Burns night event), Clive Hunter-Dunne (economic crisis), Peter Burningham (Some positives on the current situation), Tony Wood (Whats happening in Banks).

We will be moving to our new office on 2 February and will make sure we inform all our members, clients and friends about our new contact details.

The BBCU web site will be re-designed and we will have a new look thanks to the work of our new members " Bold Endeavours". I can certainly recommend this company. Visit to their web site: www.boldendeavours.com

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