10 August 2009

BBCU Golf School - Launch

We have had so many people requesting more about golf, that we have decided to launch a BBCU Golf School. One of Kyivs long time expats - Bill Bennett, is a great golf player and has stepped forward to lead on this project.

We will form a partnership with Royal Kyiv Golf Club, we have known them for some time during the construction of the golf course. The course is almost finished and already has a great Driving Range, Chipping and putting green and an excellent 6 hole Academy Course for beginners. So we have the basic facilities in place to start teaching people the game.

However, as usual in Ukraine its not without problems. Due to the economic crisis, the club house is not even built yet and the driving range building is not complete. We are just being honest with people and telling them that they cannot expect VIP service for some time. Hence our initial green fees and school fees will be low, plus we will introduce a 'Pay and You Play' scheme to make it easier and just get people playing.

We know we have many expats who have been waiting a long time to play on a REAL golf course in Ukraine. Visitors will be pleasantly suprised when they see the layout of the 18 hole course.
Designed by Martin Hawtree (British Golf course designer), the Royal Kyiv Golf Course will be THE first professional level course in Ukraine.

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Anonymous said...

Just a way to make some cash from foreigners, god knows how times are hard now.