29 September 2009

Ukrainians - How to do business with them - Opera Hotel 24 Sept 2009

Summer is over and we are back into the Autumn season of meetings.
The BBCU held its September monthly meeting at the Opera Hotel in Kyiv.
The theme: Ukrainians - How to do business with them.
This was a pure networking and social event and as usual we had a high turnout and for the first time we had to restrict the number of guests as the hotel was getting full.

The Opera Hotel is managed by Mr Benoit Kuborn and he is a breath of fresh air when it comes to hotel management in Ukraine. He is a true professional who knows how to make people feel welcome in a 5 star environment. I think we will have more events at the Opera.

Talking of doing business....unfortunately there is not alot of it about. Ukraine is still suffering from the Financial Crisis and many people are using the old excuse of "Lets wait until after the presidential election to see what we do next". So many projects/deals are being put on hold until post 17 January 2010.
Its a long time to hold your breath.

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