03 February 2011

Agriculture for Ukrainians only

Most people know that Ukraine has some of the very best agricultural land in Europe.
A few international companies have already taken the big step of investing into large scale agricultural operations in Ukraine. US and British companies and a few large Ukrainian owned businesses.

Now it appears that the government is determined to not let foreign owned companies take advantage of this any longer.

As I have said many times recently, it is still not easy trying to invest in Ukraine.


Land market should be open only for nationals(Ukrainians ONLY)

KYIV, February 3 /UKRINFORM/. Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Mykola Prysiazhniuk believes that the land market should be open only to citizens of Ukraine.According to him, land market is one of the last resources, which the state can use in the interests of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian economy. "We will propose that land market be open only to citizens of Ukraine. No legal entities should be allowed. It is also proposed to allow the lease, which would be the right for mortgage, so that leasehold could be mortgaged to a bank for getting a credit, but the owner could not be changed. "The owner of a land plot is not responsible for the tenant," the Minister noted.According to him, the President's initiative and his orders concerning the land market is a courageous and correct step to guarantee the ownership of land for its owner and allow the agricultural sector to earn. "There is the instruction of the president and prime minister to make the turnover of agricultural land in a way not to deprive the Ukrainian peasant from land," Mykola Prysiazhniuk said.

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