06 June 2011

Foreign Nationals in Ukraine - Temporary Residency Permits

News from our friends at PWC.

The Ukrainian immigration authorities have implemented compulsory Interpol checks within the procedure of issuing temporary residence permits (TRP). This increases the duration of the initial procedure to five working days.
At this stage, there is no requirement to perform the same check while prolonging a TRP.
There is currently no official legislation regarding the procedure for obtaining/prolonging Ukrainian temporary residence permits. Therefore, some additional documents might be requested during the application procedure by different immigration authorities (e.g. the procedures and documents are different at the Kyiv and Kyiv Region immigration authorities).
Taking into account the continual changes in the list of required documents, applicants should be prepared to provide additional supporting/confirmation documents and information and allow sufficient time in the process to allow for such additional requests.

NOTE: The Kyiv City immigration authority has been audited by the Prosecutor's office for the last several weeks and we are aware that documents related to the registration of a number of foreign nationals in Ukraine have been seized. The audit has also resulted in some staff changes, including the appointment of the new acting Head of the Kyiv City immigration authority.

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