05 June 2011

The Great Brain Drain

News has reached me that an increasing number of so called 'middle class' in Ukraine and even more of the 'Oligarch Class' are leaving the country. This is a trend that is seen in the Russian Federation also.
What does this mean. Traditionally many so called 'rich' in Ukraine elected to send their children to school in the United Kingdom. We all know that the UK education system is still seen as the best in the world and the best route to a UK university place and eventual entry to the London 'Club'.
That elite group of people who live and 'work' in London but are not British. But they have the power and wealth to do just about anything they want in the one of the worlds financial capitals.

Many of these 'children' are now being joined by their parents.
Ukrainians see the opportunities of living and 'working' in the UK. e.g. A real legal system that works and provides protection to all people free from political interests/threats. The pure fact that all residents/citizens are treated equally etc.

The UK offers a very simple method for living in the UK. Invest GBP 1 million and hey..Bob's your uncle you are a member of the club. (The former Major of Moscow and his wife can verify this). For many Ukrainians and Russians, the amount of GBP 1 million is like pocket change.

Now, please do not misunderstand me. The BBCU has helped many of these people find the correct 'solution' to living in the UK. We have no problem with helping people through the pure legal process of living and working in the UK. At least these people will never be a drain on the UK for support etc.

These people and their families bring a significant amount of investment to the UK. They purchase property, employ people and spend money in the UK. For example it is common knowledge that Ukraines richest man Rynat Akhmetov recently purchased the most expensive apartment in London.

What does all this mean for Ukraine?
Well firstly, these people keep all this a very big secret. They are all preparing for 'the future'....
what ever the future may hold...it demonstrates they hold very little confidence in the long term future of Ukraine. It doesn't matter which political party they support, the outlook is still the same. Each and every family are preparing a 'bolt hole' in which to escape Ukraine when the time is right. Maybe right now they are enjoying the fruits of their labours or positions of power.
But they all anticipate that ONE DAY it will all come to an end.

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - mainly LONDON offers and provides the 'bolt hole' they are seeking.
The British public are complaining so much about the level of 'asylum seekers' coming to the UK, but very little is mentioned about the increasing number of 'Rich - Investment Visa" seekers now entering the UK.

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