26 November 2011

British Club Meeting 24 November - Thanks

Thanks to all those who attended the club meeting this Thursday at Belgravia BC in Kyiv.
Special thanks to Kasper Ditlevsen who provided a thought provoking presentation on 'Personal Branding, Credibility and Networking'.

Many of us receive invitations on a daily basis to attend some kind of 'networking event' or meeting with business people for serious or fun times. I suppose in the old days all of us just 'went down to the pub'. But these days most of us appear to be using social networking tools to keep in contact with what is happening in our own environment.

I often think, what life was like before we all had mobile phones, laptops and so much instance access to other people instantly.

Kasper Ditlevsen provoked me to think about how I should 're-brand' myself.
More details later.

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