29 November 2011

The Future could be bright...but maybe dark times are ahead for Ukraine.

President Viktor Yanukovych will do everything to keep Yulia Tymoshenko in prison.
Statements and tough ultimatums from EU country leaders won’t help.

Even the prospect of becoming an outcast dictator in the world’s eyes doesn’t seem to have much influence on Yanukovych.

According to the European Union’s ambassador to Ukraine, Jose Manuel Pinto Teixeira, a free-trade deal due to be signed in December is in doubt – even the Dec. 19 Ukraine-EU summit might not even happen.

If it’s true, Ukraine will be deprived of trade privileges with 500 million potential consumers who have much higher incomes than Ukrainians. It also means that traveling to EU countries without a visa will be a distant dream.

It would appear that Ukraine will miss it's window of opportunity with the EU.

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