24 January 2012

Paying Taxes in Ukraine

Paying Taxes in Ukraine - Not Good Reading

In 2011, your typical Ukrainian firm had to make 135 tax payments (183rd place), spend 657 hours annually on tax compliance (175th place), and suffer a total tax rate of 57.1 percent (152nd place). In 2006, the first year of the Paying Taxes study, things were even worse. Although Ukraine was ranked 174th of 175 countries in terms of ease of paying taxes, its firms had to make 98 tax payments totaling 2,185 hours of compliance time and amounting to a 60.3 percent tax rate! By 2009, however, Ukraine had managed to make significant progress. Total tax payments had gone up to 147, but time to comply had fallen to 736 hours, and the tax rate had dropped to 57.2 percent.

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