20 January 2012

UKBA Introduce new Priority Visa Service to the UK

Priority Visa Service

The UK Border Agency in Ukraine will introduce a priority visa service in Kyiv from 16 January 2012.

You will be able pay an additional fee to fast track your application and have your visa application put on top of the queue. Only a limited number of priority visas will be sold each day on a first come, first served basis.

The priority visa service will be available to applicants submitting UK visit visa applications only. To apply for a priority visa you must complete and submit a UK visa application online as normal and book an online appointment to attend the UK's visa application centre, operated by VFS Global in Kyiv where you will be able to obtain further details about the priority service.

This service does not imply or guarantee in any way that by using the priority service you will be successful in your visa application. All visa applicants must meet the requirements of the UK Immigration rules. The amount paid for the priority service, as well as the visa application fee, is not refundable if the visa application is refused or, in exceptional cases, takes longer to process.

So, we now have another paid for service to help speed up the visa application process to the UK.
Anything that helps and makes things better is OK with me.....BUT, we also have the Premium Lounger Service where for an extra USD 200 an applicant can sit in a special lounge with free refreshments and have a special appointment where their application documents are checked by a member of staff from VFS (Outsourced agency).

The new 'priority service' does not explain the fees involved. I suppose this is made available at the time of application.

While on the subject of visas, maybe some people do not know that British people living in Ukraine have to go through the visa application process for their wife/husband each time they need a new visa to visit the UK. Usually every six months. The basic visa fee for a visitor is now £76. But what REALLY annoys British people, is that if they want to travel with their wife/husband to another EU country, they can obtain a visa for FREE if they travel to any one of the EU members states apart from the UK. Crazy or what?

See further details via the link.

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