01 June 2012

Euro 2012 - Transliteration v Translation

Nice to see that Kyiv city is making an effort by transliterating Cyrillic script into Latin script for Euro 2012.
e.g. Metro (underground) and some bus signs and street signs.
However, I wonder if anyone thought about the difference between Transliteration and Translation.
For example:

Майдан Незалежності

has been transliterated from the Cyrillic into Latin.
Maidan Nezalezhnosti

Now, I do not expect everything to be translated into English. Transliteration into the Latin alphabet is a start.

But, how many foreigners will ask the question: ’’Can you tell me the way to Maidan Nezalezhnosti ?

I’m sure they will ask for ’’ Independence Square’’.

Like wise,

On the buses, I notice they have ‘transliterated’

площa Льва Толстого into Ploscha L’va Tolstogo

Surely it will be easier for someone to ask: ’’Can you tell me the way to ’Lev Tolstoy Square’.


Get my point?

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