22 June 2012

Where did all those Police women come from?

Since the start of the Euro 2012 Football championships in Ukraine, I have witnessed something I have never seen before in Kyiv city. Police women on the streets. Police patrols can now been seen all over the city centre consisting of two male officers and a female. This is a first and must surely bring a smile to the face of local people. It is so obvious that this has never been done before. Those police 'girls', wearing their brand new uniforms look like they have just been recruited or have perhaps always been hidden away in some police office somewhere.

It's good that the Kyiv police are trying to put on a 'new face' for the many first time visitors to the city but I can't think that it just smacks of hypocrisy. We all know that the police here have a very bad reputation, are aggressive and corrupt and certainly never seen to raise a smile to anyone.

I'm sure these new found police women will be happy after 1 July when the Euro 2012 tournament comes to an end and they will all just disappear as quickly as they appeared on the streets in the first place.
Perhaps the police will be happy to get back to their normal way of operating in Ukraine.
Like so many things here in Ukraine it's a 'facade'. All front and nothing under the surface.
Sorry to sound so negative but the truth hurts sometimes.

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