15 December 2013

Limassol, Cyprus

I’m spending some time in Cyprus. Usually the island of Cyprus is warm all year around. But not this year. 

The people of Cyprus are still recovering from the economic/banking problems that set the country back. 
So the recent spell of cold weather has been treated like a natural disaster for long suffering Cypriots. 
It’s also not too funny for us foreigners. It even snowed in Cario, Eqypt for the first time since 1901.

For a few days this week Cyprus experienced the kind of weather they have in Northern Europe during winter and which usually lasts for three to four months. I have not seen any snow here in Limassol but have watched the TV reports of the small villages that have had a downfall of snow. Some villages had been left without electricity and many roads could not be used as the authorities in Cyprus just do not have the snow clearing equipment that we have in Northern Europe. Why should they? It should only snow in the Troodos national park where people can go to ski. It should never snow in other parts of the island.

The Cypriots handled the situation very well. The roads were cleared, electricity supply was restored to villages and people could visit the shops again. I was seriously thinking about booking a flight to escape to a warmer climate as I normally go to Sri Lanka about this time of year. But the weather has come back to normal and I was sat outside having breakfast this morning. We will see.

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