17 March 2014

Tougher Action Needed Against Putin NOW

So the illegal referendum went ahead in Crimea yesterday. We were anticipating a strong reaction from the EU and other western countries today but nothing of significance has happened. A list of 21 people from both Ukraine and Russia will have their assets frozen. Maybe I missed something today?

Talk about an anti climax. The people of Ukraine were again hoping that the ‘west’ would step in a do something significant to stop further Russian aggression. Diplomacy is clearly not working. Putin and Medvedev must be laughing in the Kremlin every night. The time has come for tough ACTION.

Here is my list of proposed actions:
1. STOP all flights in and out of the Russian Federation immediately. Europe should refuse to accept any flights.
2. Close the border (100% not half way) between Ukraine and Russia and stop the movement of all goods going to Russia.
3. Kick Russia out of the G8 immediately.
4. Suspend Russia from the UN
5.  STOP all banking transactions between Russia and the rest of the world.
6. FREEZE the bank accounts of ALL Russian citizens in Europe. Yes ALL.

The EU should stop worrying about upsetting Mr Putin. He should be made to SQUEAL and feel the pain as a result of his actions.
Many many foreigners, myself included are ashamed of the weak actions taken by the EU.

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