07 June 2014

Inauguration of a New President - Ukraine

Tomorrow Saturday 7th June 2014 the country will witness the inauguration
of the 5th president of Ukraine. After securing over 53% of the vote in the first round
Petro Poroshenko a well known billionaire businessman will be sworn into office.

Who would have thought that change would come about so quickly in Ukraine.
The majority of people in Ukraine achieved victory by removing the previous
president who proved to be a corrupt criminal who stole billions from the state.

The people have high expectations from Poroshenko. Being the new president of Ukraine
must surely be one of the most difficult jobs in the world right now.

As a former businessman we all hope that Poroshenko will lead by example and ensure that
Ukraine develops a business friendly environment. He claims that one of his main priorities
will be to take the country closer to the EU and develop higher/improved standards.

Ukraine needs to be pulled out of the 'soviet union system'of doing business.
Since independence in 1991, the country has failed to break away from Russian influence.
There is now a chance starting in 2014 to finally make the break.

If Ukraine could achieve the same level of economic development as its neighbour Poland
that would be a significant achievement. The country has the full backing of the US and EU
behind it now to really achieve something. The new president and maybe soon new government
should focus on running the country for the benefit of the people of Ukraine.
This will be a first in its history and will require a major change in the mentality
of its elected politicians.

The world will be watching to see if genuine change can be brought about in Ukraine.

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