09 September 2010

Customer Service in Ukraine

Customer Service in Ukraine - Experiences
The BBCU is encouraging people to share their experiences of both good and bad customer service in Ukraine. If you have received:
1. Good Customer Service - in a restaurant,cafe,bar,hotel in Ukraine please tell us about your experiences and tell us the name of the place that provided this service.?
2. Bad Service - If you have encountered very bad customer service, please share with us the name of the place and why they failed in their customer service delivery?

Unfortunately, most customer service experiences are not good in Ukraine.
Many of the people who work in the service sector and mainly the hospitality side, have never been trained or even encouraged in how to provide basic customer service.
Sadly the concept of the customer is lacking in the majority of businesses in Ukraine.
There are some international hotel operators that do stand out from the crowd and provide very good examples, but they are small in number.
Too many people encounter the usual situation of entering a restaurant/cafe/bar and being made to wait for a long time before any service is offered in the form of a menu or offer to take a drinks order. Plus when a waiter/waitress does appear to help you, they will still take a considerable long time to serve you with anything.
But lets not blame the young people who are doing these jobs, most do not know any different. The owners of these establishments are the ones who need to understand the importance of customer service in the 21st century.
We all need to help improve customer service in ALL of our businesses.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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