28 September 2010

Medicare Europe in Ukraine

This week I will help launch a new British company in Ukraine.
Medicare Europe is a British based company that has decided to focus on Ukraine.
The company will provide 'Medical Tourism' and 'Medical Treatment Solutions' for people who need medical treatment, but want to avoid the lengthy queues and sometimes very expensive costs involved in treatment for Dentistry, Cosmetic Surgery, Eye Treatment and even IVF Treatment in the UK and other EU countries.

Private clinics in Ukraine offer some of the very best medical solutions in Europe.
Medical staff are highly quailified and most are using the very latest 'state-of-the-art' medical equipment to treat patients. The big plus is that clinics in Ukraine can provide excellent medical treatment to a very high standard with very low prices compared to the UK.
For many people Ukraine is still a country waiting to be discovered and I hope through Medicare Europe we will help to overcome many of the misunderstandings people have about Ukraine.

Its a well know fact, that most Ukrainians living in other countries will seek to return to Ukraine for medical treatment, as they know that they will receive a high standard of care and treatment when compared to the 'west'. Please do not misunderstand me, we are talking here about the PRIVATE Sector clinics in Ukraine (and mainly Kyiv). The state sector clinics/hospitals are still a long way from being acceptable by EU standards. There is a GREAT divide here in Ukraine between the private and public sectors for health care.

The private sector clinics have a lot to offer both Ukrainain citizens and private clients from other countries. Medical tourism in Ukraine is a service sector which is just waiting to take off and I wish Medicare Europe all the best in their new venture.

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