19 July 2011

Trial of former Interior Minister - Yuriy Lutensko

Although we try to focus just on business here, its difficult to ignore the other current court case going on in Kyiv. The so called 'Trial' of former Interior Minister - Yuriy Lutsenko. He is charged with misappropriation of Hr 360,000 (approx USD 45,000) in state property and fraud since 13 Dec 2010. He has been held in pre-trial detention since December 2010.

Now....please step forward anyone who can give me the name of another country where a man or women would be detained in prison for an alleged offence relating to just USD 45,000?
(OK Russia always qualifies, so we will ignore them) But seriously can anyone tell me WHERE in the civilised world a former government minister would be put in prison for such a petty charge.

Perhaps we should just cut to the bottom line...."Would anyone disagree that this is clearly a case of political persecution?". Anyone?

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