12 July 2011

Will we have a calm summer?

At this time of year we normally see Ukrainians starting to leave Kyiv for their summer 'escape'.
The parliament has already broken up for its long summer holidays.
Kyiv is already starting to be more calm..less traffic/people etc.
Late July/August and Kyiv can be a very quite place.

However, this year we have the 'political persecution' trial of Yulia Tymoshenko going on in Kyiv city centre. This will certainly keep many people active both in the streets and in the media news rooms. Plus I'm sure the President of Ukraine will be wanting to keep himself up to date with the progress of the case.

From a pure business view, we always tend to 'write off' the long summer break unless of course you are in the hospitality industry or a service sector related to tourism, then its a good time for your business. The rest of us just relax until the 1st of September. Well I wouldn't say relax this year, as many people are indeed still concentrating on just surviving in business, so there maybe a few people that skip the luxury of a holiday this year and stay around their home cities and make the most of the good weather.

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