11 July 2011

WHY should Ukraine be allowed to join the EU?

Much has been written this year about Ukraine and the EU entering into a 'Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement". Plus an 'Association Agreement'.
Now that Poland has assumed the six month 'baton' of the EU, the Polish leadership are determined to make a few marks. One of those marks is to develop a better relationship between Ukraine and the EU.

Today, I would like to throw open a challenge to all those diplomats and commentators and EU observers who in my opinion just assume that Ukraine would be better as a member of the EU.
Says WHO?

Question: Did anyone ever think about putting the question to the current membership of the EU.
i.e. "Would you like Ukraine to become a member of the EU.....YES or NO".
Moreover......Please supply a list of reasons as to just WHY you think Ukraine would make a good member of the EU?

Perhaps I can make it easier for Diplomats and journalists from western Europe.
Question: "Please tell us from your countries perspective, how Ukraine qualifies to become a member of the EU.?" Do you REALLY think Ukraine should be an EU member state?

I look forward to the replies.

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