20 December 2011

The EU is a step too far for Ukraine

Yesterday the EU:Ukraine summit took place in Kyiv, Ukraine.
As many of us expected the Association Agreement and the main part of it a planned Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement were NOT even initialled as previously planned.

The diplomat language protests from EU commissioners and various EU country diplomats concerning the 'political prisoners' in Ukraine fell on deaf ears. Mainly the deaf ears of President Victor Kanukovych.

At the summit, the EU declared openly: "Our strongest concerns are primarily related to the risks of politically motivated justice, among which the Tymoshenko trial is the most striking example."

Those of us who live here in Ukraine find it difficult to see how any movement can be seen as it is commonly accepted that Kanukovych will show very little inclination to consider the release of Tymoshenko or the many other opposition figures who sit in prisons awaiting trial.

It would appear that Ukraine will now enter a period of isolation from the EU and face the coming year with even more economic difficulties. The future does not look bright for Ukraine.

see: http://www.presstv.ir/detail/216824.html

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