26 December 2011

The privilege of two Christmas holidays?

Many many foreign residents and workers in Ukraine have the privilege of celebrating Christmas twice in Ukraine. They enjoy the 25th and also the 7th January.
What normally happens amongst the 'foreign company' community in Ukraine is that they start their holidays around 22 December and return to work around 10 January.

The majority of Ukrainians who work for a 'foreign company' in Ukraine will continue to work during the 25th and onwards until 31st December. However many 'senior managers' and owners of businesses here will start their Christmas and New Year holidays from around 22 December and return after 15 January.

It would appear that this year is no different that past years. I see that the majority of flights from Kyiv to famous holiday destinations are once again full.

This year we decided to stay in Kyiv for Christmas and New Year. The weather is strange for this time of the winter season. As I write it is +1C outside and no sign of snow or ice. I have never experienced weather as good as this before in Ukraine at this time of year. But I'm sure the cold weather will be on its way soon.

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Joya said...

Happy Christmas dear! Lovely to find your blog, Cheers!

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