22 December 2011

Income and Assets of Russian Prime Minister

As Vladimir Putin prepares to become the President of Russia again,
the Russian central election committee have released documents that show Putins assets and income as follows:
(In rubles but converted here)
Income during the past 4 years = USD 564,216 (Average 141054 per year)
Money held in deposit accounts = USD181,965
His wife has deposits which total USD 265,580

Property Assets:
1500 m2 of land in Moscow
77 m2 apartment in St Petersberg
153 m2 apartment in St Petersberg

Cars: He owns the following:
1960 GAZ (M21), 1965 GAZ (M21R) and a 2009 Lada

Putin still thinks that ALL Russian people are STUPID. :(
What would Ukraine President Yanukovych declare? :-\
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