09 January 2008

The BBCU will really take off in 2008

I decided to start writing this blog as a way of helping me to clarify my thoughts. I write many emails to one of my old friends who now lives in France and I think the process of writing really does help you think about what you are doing with your life. So maybe the same will help with a little business support organisation called the BBCU.

So for 2008, I have decided that the BBCU must become a success. Hence the business plan for 2008 and some really interesting new 'products' for the BBCU. This year we will provide INBOUND and OUTBOUND Trade missions into and out of Ukraine.

Ukraine is STILL an unknown place for most Brits and anyone who lives here knows that many business opportunities are available. I have gone through the process of setting up my own company here in Ukraine and the experience was interesting but rewarding. With the 'in country' expereince I now have, plus with Richard Brady and many other expats, we can now offer our services to help others 'enter' Uktaine and make the most of the business opportunities on offer.

What about the British Embassy? We have a great relationship with the staff at the British Embassy in Kyiv. We know the Ambassador Tim Barrow and his team, and we also understand that they cannot do everything. They can only do so much and we will continue to help support them as they support us.

Last year we saw the launch of the British Ukrainian Society (BUS), which is supported by many well known and connected political figures. We have established a close working relationship with their team and I happy to say it will only benefit both organisations. We will concentrate on the business support side and they will promote wider issues like the arts, culture, government realtions etc.

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