14 January 2008

Monday 14 January - Great News

The good news - The BBCU has a sponsor for the event on 24 January confirmed.
Two members of our small team Tanya and Elena are already busy sending out invitations to the contacts on our database and we hope to attract 50 or more people to our first event in 2008.

Richard Brady and I had lunch today with a 'new guy' from the Kyiv Post.
Jonathan B Holmberg - a Staff Writer, appears to be a smart guy who is interested in writing about what we are doing through the BBCU in Kyiv. We invited Jonathan to the event also.

Decided that we need to recruit a really smart new member to our team to take care of the promotion and upkeep of the BBCU web site, plus also to communicate with potential members.
We both have day jobs and its not easy trying to do everything via email.

We need to get that web site updated fast and place an advert in the Kyiv Post.

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