25 January 2008

First Event was a Success - 24 January

Our first event for 2008 went down well with the membership and guests.
As usual we held our monthly networking meeting on the 6th floor at 25 Turgenivska, Kyiv
(Administration of INTER TV Channel)

The turnout was very good with 76 people registering. Unfortunately I had to start the evening by giving people the bad news that our VIP guest speaker (A British MP) could not attend due to a vote taking place in the British House of Commons. So Richard Brady and I had to put together a double act, quickly and I think we held it together.

We pushed the boat out this time and ordered EXTRA drink and of course as usual it all went and a good time time was had by all. Although, I still find myself trying to explain to our support team that its not good when one of the catering staff replies "shas" (wait) everytime someone asks for more wine or food. (We still have a long way to go on the customer service front in Ukraine).

The live music (Violin & Sax, but not at the same time!!) was OK, but the real enthusiasm was for the 'Stars of the East" exotic dancers to liven the place up at the end.

Our small team put in a lot of hard work and I made sure that this was greatly appreciated.
I think some of the British expats find it hard to understand that we do this for the hell of it.
I hope we can persuade a few more expat volunteers to help out in the future.

Well, thats 2008 off to a good start, now lets get the web site updated.
Need to find a new member of staff who can promote the BBCU to potential new members, do the admin, take care of the web site, plan the monthly meetings and speak fluent English.
Anyone interested?

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James said...

Very lively and interesting - if only I had known about the exotic dancers earlier...look forward to much more cooperation with the BBCU in future.